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2-at-Dance is also a way "to meet other people". Socialising is a part of the dance, and who better than 2-at-dance could transform the world in a huge dancing floor?

To know each other, to discuss, to share information, to meet his/her future partner, to receive the right information, to discover that you may have more common understanding with somebody at the other part of the world than with your own neighbour… this is what the Community and the Club Membership can offer.

Register to the Community

2-at-Dance gives you the opportunity to register at the Community. It takes only one minute and it is completely free.

You will remain anonymous while being able to access to a forum with specified people. You will obtain your personal URL for your dance and you will be able to change your profile at any time, to write in the forum, to register and reply to a request of partner, and more generally, to benefit for a wider access to our site. You will also have the opportunity to receive more information, and to have special discount on particular events. And we have more ideas!


Membership to the Club 2-at-Dance: Your passport for dancing. Includes all the Community's services + plus all the services on the sites + the advantages of the 2-at-dance card.

And to go further, there is something cheaper than free. :-D: it's the Club Membership... this is for the dancing part! Even if you dance a little, the card is designed to generate more discounts than its issuing price. You will obtain a card which offer many advantages, in France, Switzerland and in the UK, on selected articles, lessons, workshops, etc. And we do not intend to stop here!

The Card costs 15euros, 25CHF or 10£ for a year and a single person. For a pair (living at the same address), it costs 24 euros, 40CHF and 15£. Moreover, you can pay*, by cheque or by credit card (with a SSL system).

Look at the discount list, and you will figure out how cheap it is!

To login, enter your e-mail, click on "Send" and follow the instructions…

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It does not take long, we're just asking you a few personal information for your access and the data will not be transmitted to any third party. You can amend your personal data and leave the Community as soon as you want.

* For our friends outside France, payment by credit card in the only option.