Charter of the 2@Dance brotherhood You shall be rigorous, precise and accurate. You shall double-check the events' features of your dance in your region. You shall make sure that they have not been cancelled or postponed. You shall complete your work, add maps and pictures, and if necessary phone the organisers to ask him/her further details. You shall be objective, honest and friendly. In particular, if you are a teacher or an organiser, you shall forget it, and you will act exactly like the other ones. You will advertise on all events, even there are not yours. You shall abide by everybody's wish not to be mentioned in the website. You shall be competent and humble. You will forget your own preferences, you articles shall make clear what everyone bring in terms of comparative advantage, so that every dancers will be able to find the school or event that better fits to his/her own needs. Your articles will not assert anything unjustified and you shall indicate your sources of information. You shall be a roisterer. You will know about all events, because you love to dance. You will know every gossips. You shall be passionate and professional. You will be deeply involved in the network. The network will provide you with technical means, and, if possible, refund you for your expenses. Therefore, you will be able to continue working, and to provide reliable information. You shall be lonely but show solidarity. You are responsible for your work. At the same time, the network will share its resources with you as you shall share you resources with the network. It will provide you with tools to promote 2-at-Dance. You shall invite to your home any colleague of the network if you can. Consequently, you shall be the guest of every colleague everywhere in this civilised world. You shall promote your membership and will be open to any synergies.