Historical background
In September 1996, Stéphane KOCH and Lionel PERRET have both discovered the HTML language. At that time, Internet was not widely used in France and the browsers had limited capacities. Moreover, 14400-baud modems were considered as the fastest ones!

Stéphane KOCH had the idea to design a website featuring all rock and roll events in Paris with a comment on each venue. At the same time, Lionel PERRET had the same idea but with a list of dates. After they met during an afternoon club, they finally decided to merge their projects into one, and to design the "ever best dancing website in the world". In was in October 1996, and "Danse-à-Paris" was born.

Nobody was doing such a thing and it was the first site on dance ever made in France. Stéphane and Lionel have had the idea to create the "Danse à Paris Club". The organisers were to grant discounts by presentation of a membership card, which was then distributed for free.

The concept has then motivated other people in other regions and for other dances. They contacted Danse à Paris to create "Danse à Toulouse", "Montpellier" and "Geneva". At the same time, one could notice the appearance of other disciplines in Paris and other cities. The need to merge these various initiatives and to share the resources became obvious. "Danse-à-2" and its network was born.
Danse-a-2/2-at-Dance today

Today, "Danse-a-2" has now an English version - "2-at-Dance" - and has made impressive progress thanks to a database implemented by a powerful software specifically designed for the network.

"2-at-Dance" is more than a mere website. It is a network of passionate people who practice various dances and who are willing to encourage all the actors of the social dance.

Since 1996, "2-at-Dance" has invented new concepts, which have been used by others for the blooming of the dancing community.
Today, "2-at-Dance" can display a unique know-how based on a long lasting experience on the ground, not only in France but internationally. ;-D

But this is not over. A continuing process is underway because the dance is becoming increasingly popular. We have a lot of projects for the future...
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